What Happens During an Infant Circumcision?

I got a few comments that there needs to be some links to videos easily accessible for expectant parents to be able to view before they make a decision on circumcision. I am absolutely certain this will be the most unpleasant research I have done for this blog.

I have decided to post several videos showing different situations. Please choose the one that would be most closely related to your own personal situation. Or watch them all and know there is no pleasant way to do this at all.

In absolutely every single situation, you have someone removing a healthy body part from an unwilling victim, and there is no getting around that. This act would not be legal in so many other instances. Why is it legal to do this to a non-consenting child?

WARNING: The following videos have very unpleasant footage that many people would be too sensitive to view. Proceed at your own discretion, and keep in mind, if you cannot watch this, how could you even entertain the thought of allowing this to happen to your child?

First video is something called the "Plastibell Method" done in a hospital setting. This is an actual teaching video used to demonstrate how this is performed:

Next is the Gomco clamp, also done in a hospital setting. Note how the doctor does not use any anesthetic before torturing him with amputation:

You think a bris is different? Here is Brit Milah performed as a religious ceremony to mark the flesh of the baby as being in Covenant with God. (Plus, take the time to read this if you're Jewish.)

Here's a closeup so you can really see what's going on:

Babies cry when they are in distress. They need to be held close and protected, not violated and tortured. After viewing these videos you have to understand this is a clear violation of basic human rights to bodily integrity.

In any case, forcing this extreme body modification on someone else without their consent is out and out wrong. There are studies showing the brain chemistry is altered and never returns to normal due to the stress this procedure causes.

Taking the choice away from an individual is wrong.

***For further research:

Visit Circumstitions page on circumcision methods.


Supermog said...

That sadist in the gloves really enjoyed mutilating a perfectly healthy baby boy. What possesses parents to inflict this procedure? Ignorance or callousness? We know that the sadist only did it for the money, what was the father's excuse?

dreamsoup said...

wake up sweet world wake up!

stop allowing this scar, this great harm to come upon your offspring..

be love

Anonymous said...

The jewish one is so quick...yet seems more risky. NO wonder glans get taken more with this one. Seems like he is going in more blindly. EEKkkkkkkk...

Intactivist.net said...

See also:


Lindsay said...

I only watched one video. I couldn't bear to listen to a baby cry like that for any longer. I just don't understand this. Human beings can be monsters. If there was a god, I'm sure he would cry along with every baby boy who endures that pain. I know I did.