Dear I am Muslim man and ...

A reader writes:

"Dear I am Muslim man and victim of genital mutilation so called circumcision, I think it is time to reveal real demonic roots of circumcision, I am from Mesopotamia  were all story started, I have info about that and I think it would help to fight back"

Would love to hear more of your story.


Anonymous said...

In Islam, a clean body symbolises a pure heart and good conscience. Respect for God requires that one pray with a clean body. Islam adopted the notion that keeping the body clean requires removing the foreskin. But this occurred in a place and time where soap, running water, and sewers did not exist. A daily shower makes circumcision completely unnecessary.

Islam also adopted circumcision to strengthen its claim that Arabs descend from Abraham, the same as the Jews. The Jewish Bible says that Abraham's descendants must be circumcised. So Islam adopted the practice even though Islam doesn't much care for any other aspect of Judaism. Finally, the Koran is totally silent about any duty to circumcise.

The main reason why Islam will be very reluctant to give up circumcision is because doing so would be seen as a victory for Christianity.

Muslim Intactivist said...

Quran says that man was created perfectly. This strictly means foreskin is not to be amputated. About half of the people being circumcised today are Muslims, but this doesn't mean there are no Muslims who oppose circumcision. There are Muslim Intactivists and the number is increasing faster than most people think. Muslims many times think not to circumcise but some people lie that it has many benefits, its painless and has no risks. About 1 in 500,000 babies die due to circumcision and there is pain even if anaesthesia is used. Separating babies foreskin is very painful because it is stuck to glans, its like pricking a toothpick in fingernail. May god give them sense. I appreciate for your effort.