Mama's Boy, a poem for an intact boy

Mama's Boy

by Jill Galano © 2011

just fresh from my mommy's womb, not even a few hours old
the nurses came to ask about circumsion, though mommy had already told them no.
they asked several more times just to be sure, maybe mommy did not make it clear

she said no once again, and hoped that was enough because there was no way
she would hand me over and let them take me away

away to be cut with a very sharp knife, on my tender newborn baby skin ~
especially for no reason at all, except for the fact its been done many times over the years,
and to say no is just simply something many are not strong enough to do,
but they would probably change their minds really fast if they could hear the screams coming from their precious
baby boys, and see the downpouring of tears.

how could it be that this is ok? that doctors and nurses cut babies each day
yet Mothers who say NO! they mock and turn their heads away?

And for those who are not educated, surely you must know that they are cutting precious babies
each and everyday, offering no reasons that make any sense, yet you still hand your babies over and say OK?

so thankful my mommy knew from the start, that nobody, nowhere would be able to change her heart~
I am her precious baby boy, made perfectly from head to toe ~ one day I will thank her for loving and protecting me always,
and from my first day of life, being strong enough to tell them NO!.


Anonymous said...

I almost cried when I read this. I am an intactivst myself, and I love your blog :)