Rape of Innocence

This morning I viewed Patricia Robinett's interview video for the first time and was sobbing before I got to the end. There is nothing graphic here, so anyone with a sensitive stomach for such things should be able to watch this. I think it's so very important that parents of both boys and girls watch this.

Patricia's link as has been added to the sidebar of the blog for easy reference as well.


roger desmoulins said...

What was done to Robinett as a child is disgusting to the limit. But you know, America did not come to understand and respect the clitoris until the 1960s, when it was constantly talked about in Time and Newsweek. In the 1970s, grown women would sit in circles naked below the waist, exploring each other's clitorises via talk and eyes. Betty Dodson began her career of telling women how to masturbate and to not be ashamed of it. This activity was not silly and redundant. Hence I can believe that before 1960 or so, the clitoris was at risk, at the hands of sexual philistine surgeons.

Anonymous said...

To roger I guess the same thing needs to be done now, time mag and news coverage of the foreskin and men out teaching each other how to masturbate or manipulate the foreskin to the same effect (most guys or in teenhood have this in similarity in what we call mutual maturbation or masturbation circles - as a kid and still a teen tho lol I wasn't invited to any :P)

This way people will understand how sexually awesome the foreskin is, it's natural, beautiful, and like some say, delicious.