Found this comment this morning while cruising around the internet. Can't say that I don't agree, but maybe Josh put it a little more bluntly than I would have.

(Language NSFW)

Fortunately, Josh, we're not *all* that bad.


Anonymous said...

Well put:) But remember, it is not all Americans, I am intact along with many others as the dated American penis vogue dies out.

roger desmoulins said...

It is simply true that over the course of the last century, about 100 million newborn boys were separated from their foreskins, almost all within the first 48 hours of their lives. Anesthesia was never used. In many cases, the mother's consent was not obtained. I call this horrible situation the American Foreskin Holocaust. I bow my head, look at my shoes, and mumble in shame for having grown up in a country whose medical culture and ethics can countenance all this.

At the same time, the most powerful foreskin friendly writing, the most eloquent critiques of routine circumcision, the deepest understanding of the male erogenous zones, are penned by Americans. Most of all, there are American women whom this subject has turned into tigresses. They have thrown caution and sexual delicacy to the winds. They have opened the doors to their marital bedrooms, aired out substantial pieces of their lifetime sexual journeys, all to help explain why they prefer foreplay and vaginal intercourse with intact partners. As Joan of Arc volunteered to save France when French men had just about given up, these women have come forward to defend the tender moving bits on the penis that all too few American men appreciate. I submit that intactivism is a major consequence of the rise of sex positive feminism.

There is balm in Gilead... America stumbles, falls, and then rises up with a contrite heart and a renewed sense of purpose.