Russell Crowe, Outspoken Intactivist!

Another celebrity has chosen to speak out about the unnecessary horrors of child circumcision.

Russell Crowe recently tweeted:

Russell joins the likes of Howard Stern, Mario Lopez, Colin Farrell, Christopher Hitchens, and many other celebrities speaking out against circumcision.

Visit the facebook page "Celebrities Against Circumcision" or Circumstition's page "Circumcised and hated it" to see more famous people standing up for babies' rights to a whole body.


Russell apologizes.

Eli Roth defends his friend.


concerned cynic said...

Crowe should not have tweeted as he did, which opened him to credible accusations of antisemitism. Instead, he should have made a guest post at Celebrities Against Circumcision in FaceBook, and taken advice from Sue Bluestein on how to word that post so as to avoid giving needless offence.

Entertainers of Crowe's stature have to watch what they say in public forums, including the internet. Being a carefree free spirit with one's mouth and typing fingers is a privilege of us private citizens who have no traffic with the bitch goddess Fame.