Foreskin Restoration Links, A Starting Point

I am cut, am manually restoring at the moment. Basically for manual tugging you pull on the skin in different methods and tug it for a set amount of time(1-60mins+ even) 1+ times a day everyday so you regain skin.

I'm doing this to fit tlc-x the strapless restoration device then it can do the tugging for me, and it'll have the retaining cone to regain glans sensitivity. ~Greg

Here are a few links that explain foreskin restoration:

Here is a video of Aubrey Taylor explaining foreskin restoration. She's really informative; check it out:

Here's a video of Ron Low and his Wife explaining foreskin restoration and how amazing it has been for them:

And watch the video above that one first for another explanation^^^^^

For more info:

(There are also permanent links on the side of the blog here. ~Note from Monica.)

Look at this penis to see how foreskin restoration undoes some of the damage: (*NSFW Graphic Education Nudity*)

How a restored foreskin moves:

The restored skin will be there forever, guys stop restoring based on their preference of how much skin they want. Some want a reallly reaaaaally long foreskin , some want just enough to cover the glans, etc.

Here's a coverage index to show the different stages of foreskin coverage(NSFW Nudity) :

And yes it is basically creating new skins cells, so it's not like creating stretch marks like aubrey taylor said, it's tugging =)

And if you just stop restoring completely instead of shrinking, because of sexual activity and masturbation the skin will slightly slight slightly get a bit longer not that much but yeah. So instead of shrinking it's always growing but not substancially if you stop cold turkey lol

To see with your own eyes the damage of genital cutting(NSFW graphic nudity): "-

The keratinization or drying out and building of a layer of keratin of the glans and penile mucosa to protect the penis from air and clothing due to the loss of the prepuce's protection further reduces sensitivity. Here is a picture of a penis with a keratinized glans v a shiny intact penis:

(Thanks for using our example! ~Monica)

And aesthetically(visually) a cut v intact penis picture to visually to show the damage: (*NSFW Graphic Nudity*)

/175106_10150117141913024_502498023_6417515_3672720_o.jpg "

However this is the most important thing you will read. An article on "The Vulnerability of Men" to see how to talk to men about genital cutting and restoration a touchy subject:

(Udonet did a FANTASTIC job with that article. ~Monica)

However after learning the truth and what I can do for myself I've been given a better image.

This article on "The Vulnerability of Men" will help you on talking to your husband about circumcision, keeping your kids intact, his feelings etc:

There are devices that you can use to induce mitosis in the skin to cause growth. These can be worn under the clothes during normal daily activities.Here are some of the products:

You can also accomplish the same effect manually depending on how much time you can devote to "tugging".There are some different methods outlined here:

There is a forum for men who are restoring. There are over 200,000 members and all are using different techniques.Here is the welcome page for those just starting out:

Here is another part of the forum that talks about additional methods such as taping and retaining:

Here is a great low-cost alternative to buying a retaining device:

A good reference to have on hand is the Coverage index. It has different coverage numbers depending on how much foreskin a person has or how tightly they were cut. Certain tugging methods work best depending on how much foreskin you have. It's a good reference point to look at the pictures to figure out where you are to start, where you want to stop, and what you can expect along the way.

There is an interesting in-depth blog by a man just starting his restoration journey with the TLC tugger device.

For circumcision info, intactivism, and keeping your kids intact, more info on restoration, etc:

-By Greg and Bri


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