Hitchens Got Us Thinking

This quote comes from a public blog after a discussion of the death of Christopher Hitchens, who was a famous atheist, author, fearless debater, genius who also made many condemnations of the ritual of infant circumcision. Hitchens may be gone from this earth, but he sparked many to think, and that is a wonderful gift he leaves us.

I guess the Hitch has his answers now. I wish he could tell me if he met a god or not. Rest in peace Christopher Hitchens and thank you.

Video Interview Collection by Bonobo3D

One of the most outstanding collection of video interviews is being compiled by Bonobo3D and is available free online on YouTube at this link. If you are in the process of doing research on circumcision, this is an *excellent* resource to keep bookmarked.

Please take the time to view some of these videos. I promise they will be an eye-opener.

Comparison Photograph


Yet another comparison photo project between the glans of a circumcised man versus an intact one. Feel free to share the link. If I get more information on the models I will add it in this post.

A big thank you to the guys from 4ERIC for this photo!