Female Genital Mutilation in the United States

Yes, it really does go on right here, under our noses. Apparently some doctors feel they can judge if a girl's clitoris is "too big" and want to cut it. The story gets ever better, though. Watch the video and see how they perform follow up from the surgery.

Also check out this article.


This was saved from a Craigslist post:

Which one?

Botched Circumcisions

Some of you will remember this one:

I also came across this one on the internet not too long ago and thought I should share it. Another circumcision gone very wrong:

These situations are so unnecessary. These men didn't have to live with this. If only they were just left alone, the way they were meant to be naturally.

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Intersex Gender Reassignment Surgery ~ Wrong Decision

Things like this should never happen. Why does the individual not have the choice? Whose body is it?


As reported on WYFF4.com news website:

State Sued Over Hermaphrodite Toddler's Sex Change Operation

 COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) —A South Carolina couple is suing the state to challenge its decision to perform sexual-reassignment surgery on a toddler in its care who was born with both male and female internal sexual genitals.


But what about female circumcision? That's much worse.

I often get this comment from people. Here is an essay I wrote explaining why using that argument is faulty:

Comparing FGM and MGM (female or male genital mutilation) is actually a difficult comparison and intactivists tend to avoid using that as an argument for several reasons. There are different levels of FGM from just a tiny nick to full infibulation. The most often performed female circumcision, though, is removal of the clitoral hood and exposing that very sensitive little button permanently, which would be the equivalent to what is typically done to males in circumcision... so if you use that comparison since it's the most equal "level", the male version is actually worse because you're taking away thousands more nerve endings and the foreskin itself is a huge source of sexual pleasure for the man, whereas the woman's nerve endings are more located in the clit itself. Also, keep in mind... if you compare two intact individuals, one male, one female... the clit has about 8000 nerve endings for sexual pleasure... the male foreskin has 20,000.

This argument is usually avoided because no matter what, it's sexism. It's harder for people to accept that males can be discriminated against as well as females just for what gender they happen to be. That goes back to the attitude that men should just "suck it up", they are not allowed to have emotions, and god forbid if they cry or demonstrate anything that might hint they have any sort of weakness.

When it comes down to it, ALL genital mutilation is wrong when done without the individual's consent, and a child is just not capable of understanding what is going to be done and therefore it's impossible for them to give consent. Doctors are violating their oath to "do no harm" and forced circumcision (and yes it is forced when it's a child or infant) is basically abuse, molestation, and rape... sexual and physical assault at its most cruel. Abuse of power, one individual who is stronger is abusing his power over someone who is smaller and weaker.

And who decided it was wrong to do this to females yet it's still ok to continue this torture on male infants? That is without a doubt sexist and there is no way around that. As of 1997 it became ILLEGAL in the United States to do this to females (yet its still going on in some places such as NY state, but that's another story for another post), but laws that were attempted to protect boys have all been shot down. Why?

Men who allow this to go on and are not voting to outlaw male circumcision are continuing the cycle of abuse. Women who allow this to happen and do not support making it illegal are not protecting their children, ignoring their instincts, and are accessories to the crime of abuse.

The Beautiful Cock

An announcement to let everyone know that the tumblr blog, known as The Beautiful Penis, has become so popular that it's earned its own URL...

Please be aware this link is NSFW (NOT Safe For Work) and is 18+ ONLY!!! You may want to use caution when opening this link when you're not alone. 

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All penises are welcome for publishing here. This is a place to *celebrate* men, every shape and size they come in. Some are long and skinny, some are short and fat, some are long and fat, some are veiny, some are ultra smooth, some are hairy, some are shaved completely bare, some have foreskins and some do not. This is a place for men to check out other men to compare what they have and see that their package is completely normal yet still unique. It is a place to leave comments on photos. It is a place for women to check men out anonymously if they are curious but shy, or maybe they just like looking. 

Also welcome are readers' letters. Anything pertaining to penises is encouraged to be sent in. If you have a question, comment, observation, whatever. If I don't know the answer, I will do my very best to get the answer for you. All letters and photos will be published anonymously. 

Requirements for submitting photos are: a penis must be featured (or two, or three, or more!). NO FACES and no identifying information! Make sure there is no mail in the background with your name and address on it before you send it in. You may definitely have a partner in the photo with you, as long as their face is hidden or blocked out. Feel free to get creative. Use props or decorations. Do a holiday theme. Dress it up. Whatever moves you! Themes that suggest violence against others will be rejected. It does not matter if the penis is flaccid or erect, or you may send in more than one showing the difference between the two. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD AT THE TIME THE PHOTO WAS TAKEN to be eligible to submit. 

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