The Beautiful Cock

An announcement to let everyone know that the tumblr blog, known as The Beautiful Penis, has become so popular that it's earned its own URL...

Please be aware this link is NSFW (NOT Safe For Work) and is 18+ ONLY!!! You may want to use caution when opening this link when you're not alone. 

The Beautiful Cock is a place to celebrate the phallus. All photographs on the blog have been sent in by real men, from around the world. They are not models, they are not pictures found around the internet. These are all men who are either proud of what they have or are looking for feedback on their members, have a question about what they have, or they just enjoy sharing. Having moved the blog from tumblr to Blogger services, it is a much more user-friendly format. It's easier to leave comments and share links. You can also tweet the ones that you find especially appealing. 

All penises are welcome for publishing here. This is a place to *celebrate* men, every shape and size they come in. Some are long and skinny, some are short and fat, some are long and fat, some are veiny, some are ultra smooth, some are hairy, some are shaved completely bare, some have foreskins and some do not. This is a place for men to check out other men to compare what they have and see that their package is completely normal yet still unique. It is a place to leave comments on photos. It is a place for women to check men out anonymously if they are curious but shy, or maybe they just like looking. 

Also welcome are readers' letters. Anything pertaining to penises is encouraged to be sent in. If you have a question, comment, observation, whatever. If I don't know the answer, I will do my very best to get the answer for you. All letters and photos will be published anonymously. 

Requirements for submitting photos are: a penis must be featured (or two, or three, or more!). NO FACES and no identifying information! Make sure there is no mail in the background with your name and address on it before you send it in. You may definitely have a partner in the photo with you, as long as their face is hidden or blocked out. Feel free to get creative. Use props or decorations. Do a holiday theme. Dress it up. Whatever moves you! Themes that suggest violence against others will be rejected. It does not matter if the penis is flaccid or erect, or you may send in more than one showing the difference between the two. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD AT THE TIME THE PHOTO WAS TAKEN to be eligible to submit. 

***Recently the blog has been very popular and photos are being scheduled out in advance... so don't be surprised if you have to wait a few weeks to see your submission.***

All submissions may be sent to: 

Feel free to share the link with anyone who may be interested.