Another Comparison

The top picture shows a normal, healthy penis with foreskin retracted. Note the smooth skin on the glans.
The second picture shows a circumcised penis where you can see the scars & dried skin.
In the picture of the circumcised penis you can see how much skin is removed in a circumcision.

These pictures are from Wrecking Boy's Journal under the entry titled: I Am The World That Hides The Universal Secret Of All Time.


love said...

i wish people would stop harming their children via circumcision :(

davidcherry said...

I aggree with dreamsoup. It is an unnecessary procedure on both boys & men. it also leaves affects on either boy or men.

Anonymous said...

As I was circumcised for medical reasons, and not a stupid one, a serious one, I did not really have a full circumcision, it was like half of one, so I still have foreskin, but it does not reach the gland, yet the gland has the shine and smooth texture.. so I'm not sure how that happened