Causing a Stir in San Fran

A man is hoping some legislation will be presented on November's ballot in San Francisco for the people to vote to decide if male infant/child circumcision will be illegal within the city for non-medical reasons. I'm happy to see the major news stations carrying the story, but saddened and angry at the comments from the public I'm reading in response to this story. I'm so angry at peoples' ignorance on this subject, matter of fact, that I should probably apologize for the dripping sarcasm before you read it.

Here are some comments I read on ABC News Facebook page this morning:

Mind your own business. Besides that, it is much more sanitary.

So I'm going to assume this person has never heard of soap and water.

oh dear lord this guy must have a mental condition!wasteing time on such stupid topic if you not want it then dont do it with all the damned trouble all ofvover the south , high gas prices he has to be brain dead for sure!

A mental condition? Yes, it's called compassion. This man cares about the babies being cut, and so do I. And of course it's completely understandable to be more worried about gas prices than altering forever someone's body without their permission or consent. And that's great logic, "if you not want it then dont do it" (punctuation not mine) but once you cut it off, you certainly cannot glue it back on. What's a person to do when they grow up and decide they *do* want it as part of their body?

Really? People are barely getting by and THIS is an issue? The government has no business getting in anyone's pants...infant or not!

The *government* has no right deciding what goes on in someone's pants? Right. Only the person who owns the pants should decide what goes on in his pants, not even his parents.

Only in the land of fruits & nuts would this seem like a good idea. Big govenement at its best at trying to extend their authority in places that they don't belong.

Well this comment is probably one of the most intelligent. They resort to name-calling and homophobia. And I got news for you, it's not the government trying to protect the children of this country, it's a man named Lloyd Schofield. The government *should have* been protecting children all along so that people like Lloyd can concentrate their efforts on other issues.

so tired of people imposing their beliefs on other people..

I am too! I am very tired of people imposing their beliefs on another, especially a non-consenting baby or child!

Why are we even debating whether or not circumcision is legal? This should be a non-issue from the start. We should never be handing our children over to greedy doctors to have healthy body parts cut off! We are supposed to be civilized. What is so civilized about torturing babies?

And here is the absolute best of them all and really reflects on this particular person's reasoning abilities:

Not every man wants to look like a snufalapagus or smell like one

She was probably watching Sesame Street while her son was being mutilated by a doctor. (Yes, it was a "she" who said this... obviously she doesn't have to worry about this because females are protected from being cut up at birth in this country.)

Why do we need to inflict this "choice" on children before they are capable of understanding what is happening to them? Is it really that horrible to have to wait until they're 18 years old and let them decide for themselves what they want done to their bodies?

If you're interested in reading more of the ignorant posts on the ABC News thread, click here.

***UPDATE: May 18, 2011
Just got word San Francisco accepted the petition to outlaw circumcision on minors. This WILL be on the ballot in the fall!


Megan Lioness :) said...

My intact 10-year-old son was delighted when I told him and the rest of my brood about this wonderful legislation being pursues. His only question was, "Why aren't they making it illegal in all cities?" And I will pass on clicking on the thread and reading all the ignorance :)

Ambra said...

gah! these people make me cringe!

love said...

excellent post.. and yeah, i cringe too.. it is so sad that society is twisted and unable to see the truth..

um hello, cutting into genitals NOT OKAY! ugh

Josh said...

Awesome Blog! It's ridiculous how these insane people are UPSET about NOT BEING ABLE TO CUT THEIR KID'S NORMAL AND HEALTHY GENITALS. Why can't they look at it objectively? It's sexual assault of a FREAKING NEWBORN. Regardless of intention,short of immediate medical necessity, Infant Male Genital Mutilation NEEDS to be outlawed.

Jessica Paez said...

brilliant!! My favorite was the 'barely getting by' quote. yes, americans are barely getting by, however our tax dollars are funding unnecessary cosmetic surgery on INFANTS (in most states).

Anonymous said...

Someone left this on a comment on one of the SF Ban Articles:
"I am an American white female age 56, and I worked in many family practice doctor’s offices over the years. Part of my job was to assist with circumcisions. I quit my job over that very duty. It was barbaric. I watched babies pass out, turn blue, scream in a guttural scream that turned my blood cold. Parents should be forced to watch a doctor cut off the tip of their son’s penis, hear him scream, see his skin mottle white and blue, watch his head roll back and forth in agony while strapped down, unable to move. Babies have no voice in the decision other than vomiting all over themselves during the “procedure”. If parents want that for their son, they should be forced to participate in the torture."