Nathan's Story

As a man I feel that I have been wronged because I wasn't born with birth defect; I was born with a healthy, harmless prepuce, AKA a foreskin. The medical staff of Loris Community Hospital of S.C., instead of recognizing my body anatomy, violently violated me by tying me down spreadeagle, then proceeded to rip the most sensitive part of my entire body from the head of my penis and then cut it off.

I feel so angry and hurt because they had no respect for me and betrayed the oath to do no harm to their patient, and because in the eyes of the law I'm considered less important than a woman, as just pricking a girl or woman's genitals is considered genital mutilation even for religious or cultural reasons. When I masturbate or have sex I don't feel any pleasure from the glans I only feel some pleasure from my frenulum and I always feel the need to rush because ejaculating is only real source of intense pleasure I get. I would do anything to get back what was stolen from me and until I do I will grieve and suffer while working to prevent others from having to endure suffering like I have.

~Nathan Pannell