Sex As Nature Intended It

A really fantastic explanation of how intact male & female genitalia are supposed to work in harmony and how that balance is upset when one partner is mutilated.


Kristen O'Hara said...

The eBook version of Sex As Nature Intended It can be accessed as a FREE public document at the weblink below:

Anonymous said...

I find her website very distasteful. Her book offends me less, but it remains the case that I cannot respect or trust her research methods.That said, I do agree that there is a big story here. There is ample anecdotal evidence that male circumcision can detract from female pleasure, including PE, ED, jackrabbit intercourse, obsessing about fellatio, and more I am sure. The most natural form of foreplay by women on men is manual play with foreskin, stimulating male precum. During intercourse, the foreskin and its motion interact nicely with his and her natural lubrication. I suspect that women who have not been indoctrinated that the foreskin is disgusting, tend to find it visually exciting.

Truly understanding the adverse effects of circumcision on sexual pleasure and functionality OF BOTH GENDERS requires a level of candor about sex and the genitalia higher than most people find natural. This is why an important influence on my personal road to intactivism has been the writings of Betty Dodson, who grew up in an intact family, and whose primary male sex partner for several decades was intact. However, she did not come out as a full-on intactivist until her 80th year. It took her that long to reflect on the value of foreskin for her pleasure.

Betty's overall life message? The vulva is private, but not shameful at all. The same goes for the foreskin.

Kristen O'Hara said...

On Jan. 16, 2009, Betty Dodson credited the website for her coming to an epiphany that prompted her to step forward with a public declaration that male circumcision harms sexuality for both men and women and that it is genital mutilation.

Here are some of her quotes:

"I'm amazed it's taken me all this time to understand heterosexual intercourse with and without a foreskin."

"I didn't make the connection on how circumcision changed the act of intercourse until...I viewed the video [at]...[and] I saw the difference in sexual penetration and thrusting of the natural man versus a circumcised man....

One site [] showed the difference between a natural foreskin that bunched up and pressed against a woman's clitoris [actually it was the G-spot] during penetration; nerve bundles gently kissing other nerve bundles with a smooth gliding motion. It was Mother Nature's clitoral stimulator...I've only recently made the connection between the hard f**k and circumcision where a man struggles to get adequate stimulation during intercourse."

Betty also clearly makes the point that she believes male circumcision drives a wedge between men and women. As Kristen said in her book, SANII: "Circumcision not only separates a man from his foreskin, it separates the sexes, by abnormalizing the sex act, and hence, the very making of love...It drives a wedge between us that reinforces our separateness."

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I quite agree with your thoughts. I’ve just shared it on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for posting this. I completely agree with your thoughts.