Circumcision Harm

The Global Survey on Circumcision Harm is a great resource to go to when researching the harm that circumcision does. If you are circumcised, I strongly urge you to take the survey.

On the site are also photos of the harm this "procedure" does. I feel I must share one of those photos now, here, with you. I will say upfront this photograph is NSFW and may not be appropriate to younger viewers. This photo will upset people, as it *should*... because this was preventable and shouldn't ever happen.


I've been asked to clarify what the text says because it is very small print. Here it is:

‎"My parents wanted me to be cut because they are religious people and thought uncut atheists were bad people. The cutting was not very good and this is what I have now. I suffer because of my cock and I'm virgin.

"Dats all.

"Don't cut babies. Don't forget the risks.

"Let them choose when they are adult. They must have the choice."

(Capitalization and punctuation were corrected by myself for easier reading, but I did not change his wording.)

For further research, please see:


Devon Osel said...

This effort to document the harm done by infant circumcision is very important. Deaths, more than usual destruction, infections-- each should be enough to end this practice-- were it not entrenched as a cultural habit. I wish each photo had the name of the mutilator and the place of mutilation. Few men get to confront the "healing arts professionals" who attacked our genitals, profited, then retired or died before we got the chance to hold them accountable for their lack of medical ethics.

Supermog said...

""My parents wanted me to be cut because they are religious people and thought uncut atheists were bad people."

What kind of screwed-up person thinks like that? I have to say that I could not forgive anyone who did that to me.

Mare said...

It is so sad that this kind of thing ever has to is so unnecessary. It must stop.

Teresa said...

This makes me incredibly sad.

Anonymous said...

This makes me cry. Why do people persist in doing this, even when they have the facts. I calmly showed my sister in law the facts and her boyfriend wouldnt listen at all. They got her son circ'd anyway...for no reason. Because the boyfriend didnt want his son to be a "freak". :( No he was beautiful like God intended. Luckily he will not have a situation like this..but they put him in a place to get mutilated for cosmetic reasons so that "in the locker room he wouldnt get made fun of" Well if you were looking around at other guy's penises it was you with the problem. Now they coo at him and call him "Grumpy Gills" cos he screams every time he urinates. No, he isnt grumpy he is urinating and defecating on an open wound and he is in shock and in pain no matter what you say. You're blind. I had them tell me babies dont feel pain!! Anyway sorry to rant seeing what could have happened to my little innocent nephew for no reason got me fired up and upset. This needs to end. People are uneducated and ignorant. It is sick to shape a penis to a way you want it to look , it is sick to scar and mame your innocent baby right after birth!! We need to put an end to medicare paid circ's that would help. Then they would justify themselves by helping to raise awareness about how the procedure is detremental and needless. :( Poor Guy...Thank you for sharing so that maybe we can use images like these to show the truth. If no one speaks out, and has the strength to go against the cultural "norm" you cant make a difference.