Greg's Story

Circumcision is just like castration. I don't feel like my prepuce was cut off from me, I feel like I was cut off of my prepuce.

I am a guy who has been genitally mutilated and I am not okay with it, I speak out against it and I want to take charge of myself, my life, and my body when I didn't even have that right as a child, and someone else touched, fondled, mutilated, and took charge of my body physically and sexually without my consent; mutilated my body, and forcibly hacked off with full pain a functional and necessary and one of the most important parts of my body against my will and without my consent. I will never be okay with that.

I will never be okay with that.

I will always be angry, sad, and depressed. There hasn't been a day that has gone by that I haven't thought about what was done to me. There hasn't been a day that has gone by that I haven't been depressed. There hasn't been a day that has gone by that I haven't been angry that I have been mutilated. There hasn't been a day that has gone by that I haven't been upset that I have been put at risk for death, infection, have been sexually diminished to the point where sex or masturbation has become a chore, with no feeling , painful, and uncomfortable and how I have been so outraged that my sex has been stolen from me and diminished and that I may never feel what sex is truly supposed to feel like as nature intended!

You can see why men try to be so manly and hard when they have to make up for their manhood from being ripped away from them and mutilated and diminished at birth!

There has not been a day where I have not thought of putting myself out of this hell and suffering and killing myself. Do you want this for your children? They will find out the truth and could suffer just like me. Do you want your children to be depressed, angry, suicidal and turn those feelings on you? Because someone took away from me what I was born with I have to fight.

I try my best to raise money for who will hopefully regenerate everything I lost to circumcision to become intact once more. I can't enjoy what I was born with and what nature gave to me, I have to fight to get back my birthright that was taken away from me. What parent wants their kids to endure this hell and probably fall to it and kill themselves?

Keep your children whole.

Here's all the research you need:

Keep your children whole and dont let them suffer like me!

~Greg, 17 yrs old


Anonymous said...

oh dear! you didn't even know it happened! how can you sit here and say you feel sexually mutilated?! You obviously have some issue's if a day doesn't pass that you don't think of it! pull yourself together already! I feel sorry for your mom because at the time it happened if was deemed healthier now things have changed but sadly your awarness about balloning goes sooo untouched I know people who have freaked out and done harm to their sons accidently because the info is not out there enough no more for uncircumcised penis's in children...again this made me laugh and feel sorry for you... and in a wierd twisted way it comes off sick the way you put it!

RicardoD1961 said...

@Anonymous Hey, you don't get to say. Greg's penis belongs to him, not to his parents, not to arrogant doctors possessed of hubris, and surely not to you. He didn't know it happened? How absurd! Every time he sees his penis he can see what happened. He has a scar (or if less lucky he may have a lot of scars from a botch; at least 15% have a botch serious enough to require surgical repair). When children are abused, it is no antidote to the abuse that the abuser didn't mean to abuse. It is the child's perception of the abuse that matters. Greg is not sick, what happened to him is sick; go wash out your mouth.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you may be well-intentioned, but what is Greg supposed to do? Is he supposed to pop open a bottle of champagne, and celebrate his forced mutilation? He also had his human rights violated. How would you have him celebrate that? Was Greg circumcised because routine infant circumcision is the Number One Surgery performed in the U.S.? Is the U.S. medical profession prostituting its profession by being more concerned about ringing its cash register than protecting baby boys? "On dear", as you say, maybe you should consider these questions!!!

Anonymous said...

Go jump in a pit of fire "oh dear" anonymous. I will laugh so hard at your anguish that I can't breathe.

Anonymous said...

I am circumcised and myy penis is fine. My wife say I have a great penis. I'm not sure where all these scars and stuff are coming from because I don't have them or even heard of them. However I am aware that with the foreskin gone sexual pleasure is reduced to a certain degree but it stills feels great. I do feel sorry for you and I do hope you do get your foreskin back. Until then hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I don't think women should be commenting on this. How would you like to have a female circumcision (clitoris cut off) Too bad thats illegal huh? I am a 27 year old tightly circumcised male. My fiance is reluctant to have sex with me because I must thrust quite hard to reach orgasm. I will probably never be able to truely make love to my future wife and that makes me deeply sad. I am depressed that my parents ruined my sex life forever before I was even able to talk, but I am not suicidal. I want to say to all you guys out there please don't let anyone mutilate your future sons. I know I won't. I will put a tag right on my son's ankle saying do not circumcise to make sure he is safe. Also, for those of you that miss your foreskins I am trying foreskin restoration and I would reccomend it to anyone.