Lawn's Story

The following was written by Lawn Griffiths and the quote is pasted here by me with his permission:

"I'm 65, and I can remember back to being a teen and resenting circumcision. It was like I was missing the moving parts. I was totally exposed and could do nothing about it. As I investigated what had been imposed on me, I recognized I was a victim of quack medicine, bogus research, and doctors who heartlessly perpetuated a practice they touted as being beneficial. In fact, I learned 20,000 nerve endings were gone, the ridge bands and an entire protective sheath that had an integral part of the mechanics of sex. Beyond being deprived of that structure, I was, and have been, astounded by the cavalier attitudes of so many people who seem oblivious to the notion of human rights, self-determination, wholeness and genital integrity. I could never understand a nurturing, loving parent unable to instinctively protect their baby boy from the intrusion that is circumcision. Obviously when our son was born in 1975 and our grandsons in 2009, they were left intact. I take pride in the non-perpetuation of such a practice in my family. When I restored by foreskin, starting in 1995, I recognized what had been take from me. It only further convinced me that Americans have particularly been duped by the circumcision industry. I never regained what was taken from me for $10 (I have the hospital receipt). I'd give $10,000 for my foreskin back."

Lawn, thank you so much for sharing your point of view.

Lawn's blog can be found HERE.


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amen brother,, good post